Makeup Secrets Made Easy!

How many times have you wanted to improve your makeup routine or just get a better understanding of the art of applying makeup? 

The following tips and secrets can help you on your way. 

Foundation, Powdering and Eyes

Foundation color match: Want to know how to ensure a perfect match between your skin tone and the foundation color? Try a liquid foundation shade on your cheek area and a solid foundation shade on your chest just under your collar bone. Apply a bit of foundation to the area and gently rub in, if the foundation is indistinguishable from your skin tone, you've found the perfect color.

Powdering tip: If you do not have face powder, apply a thin layer of baby talc (unscented, white).

Your Eyes: Eye makeup is the most important and dominant part of the art of making up your face. Confused about where to put "it" all? First 'divide' your eye into three sections measuring from the top of your nostril to the top of your brow with a makeup brush. Section 1 is from your nostril straight up to the beginning of your brow and until the beginning of the iris. Section 2 is from your nostril across from the beginning of your iris to the end of your iris, including the highest point of your brow. Section 3 is from your nostril, past the end of your iris and through the corner tip of your eye and to very end of your brow. These section divisions are also excellent guide lines to determine how to shapes your brows .

Most eye shadows will be placed in sections 2 and 3. Eyeliner will be placed along the top of whole eye, but under the eye you can place eyeliner or eye pencil under just section 3. Start with eye shadow, either a light shade on the eyelid and a darker shade along the crease or the darker shade on the eyelid and a lighter shade along the crease. Brush your brows with a brush comb. Curl your eyelashes and add two coats of mascara and you're set.

A liquid foundation or concealer is perfect for older skin. Apply foundation or concealer around your entire eye area. Lightly powder and then apply eye makeup, blush and lipstick. If you have wrinkles under your eyes – do not powder this area. Before powdering your eye lids, lightly smooth the area with your finger and then powder.

Your Cheeks and Lips

How to apply blush: A pinky shade of blush can be used on almost any skin color and facial shape. On facial skin that tends to redden or a round facial shape use a peach or orange shade of blush. How to apply blush? Use a blush brush and dip it into the blush and tap off the excess. Smile and lightly apply on the apples of your cheeks and brush lightly and gently towards the middle of your ear. Brush gently backwards (towards your ear) and forwards (towards your nose). Always use very little blush and add as needed (it's easier to add than to remove!).

Your lips: Not sure what lipstick color suits you? Before you invest in expensive lipsticks you will never wear – do the following. First look at your wardrobe. What color clothes do you wear? Dark shades? Light shades? Maybe even a combination of the two depending on the season? Buy an inexpensive palette of lip colors (five or six different shades and tones). Try on each of the shades wearing different color clothes. Now you can take the shades you find attractive and purchase more expensive lipsticks in these shades. Do you have a lipstick color you like, but the color is too dark? Apply a coat of lipstick on your lips and then blot it with a tissue for a second. Now apply a coat of sheer lip gloss over it. The base color remains, but is more muted.

Try wearing different summer and winter shades of lipstick: warmer, darker shades in the winter to match (usually) darker winter clothes and softer, lighter shades in the summer to match (usually) lighter, pastel clothes.

Your skin care

Best kept beauty secret: Cold water! Wash your face daily in cold water. The old idea that hot water was the best for your face as it opened the pores, was a bad idea. Cold water closes your pores and keep your skin clean.

Second best kept secret: Keep your eye cream in the fridge. Now every time you apply the cream you’ll feel refreshed!

Makeup from the skin up Clean your skin thoroughly, pat dry and then apply a thin layer of moisturizer. Wait about twenty minutes to allow the moisturizer to fully absorb into your skin. No time to wait for your moisturizer to absorb in the mornings? The first thing to do in the morning is wash your face and moisturize before you get dressed. This way, once you are dressed, the moisturizer has done its job and you are ready to apply makeup.

No time for makeup, but you still want to look your best? Cleanse your skin, moisturize and then put on a light foundation (or foundation/powder combination). Put on blush and lipstick and you are ready to go. Don’t forget to have a lipstick and mirror in your bag for touchups during the day.

Celebrating a Simcha? Your face deserves to celebrate as well! It's time to think about your face and makeup at the same time you plan your simcha. Make an appointment with a cosmetologist to clean your skin and start a regimen that will give you softer and younger skin by your simcha date. Then call me.

On the day of the simcha clean and moisturize your skin at least two hours before you plan to apply makeup.

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