Taking care of your skin and looking beautiful in the summer just got easier!

Summer is just around the corner and once again we need to take our skin protection seriously.  We need to look for a good skin screen that will provide the kind of SPF and UVB protection we need.  We also need to pamper our skin and feel good about our looks.  And on top of all that, we want to continue to wear makeup, either on a daily-basis or a once-in-a-while/only-for-special-occasions basis throughout the summer. 

We can fulfil all our summer skin needs without spending extra money on a bag full of products.  How?  My solution is a light airy makeup, easy to create at home and feels wonderful on your skin.

Listen to the Kallah Whisperer: Just buy yourself one great sun screen product that also moisturizes your skin and combine it with your favorite makeup base (that you already have at home). 

I love Dr. Fisher’s Ultrasol spray-on sun screen with SPF 45 and also blocks over 90% of UVA rays.  This spay has a wonderful light feel to it!  

Here's how to create a light summer makeup base - step by step:

Before you put on your makeup, simply moisturize your skin with your usual facial cream and let it absorb into your skin.  You may want to try a lighter-than-usual facial cream for the summer months!

Then spray about two spritzes of the Ultrasol cream sun screen into the palm of your hand and then about two short spritzes of your makeup base on top of the Ultrasol cream.  

The quantities may take a bit of tweaking – you want about equal amounts of spray cream and base.  

Mix the cream and the base with your finger to get an even color that should be a bit lighter than your base color.  

The final mixture should be light and airy – a great advantage to wearing your usual makeup base in the summer!

Now apply dots of the final mixture around your eyes, cheeks, nose area and forehead, as well as your neck.

Gently pat and smooth the mixture all around your face to get a smooth, even layer all over your face and neck.  

Unlike regular makeup base, this mixture should be applied to your neck, shoulders, décolletage – any areas that will be exposed to the sun.  

You can also apply to your legs and arms to give them a bit of color. 

I also suggest that once you have applied your makeup (blush, eye makeup, lipstick, etc.), you can apply a bit more of the makeup base (sans the sun screen) on your nose and eye area, if these areas need a bit more coverage.

Attention brides: This is also a bridal perfect makeup base for summer day weddings! The makeup base is light, gives you the coverage you need, but is less likely to make you sweat under the chuppah in the noon-day sun!

Remember ladies: drink plenty of fluids, take care of your skin and enjoy the summer (you might as well it will be with us until October!).

Have a beautiful summer!

For more information on this topic and to arrange a bridal beauty consultation or bridal beauty trial session please contact me today.  Visit my site  www.thekallahwhisperer.com

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