“Always Tweeze in the Direction of the Growth.”


“Always Tweeze in the direction of the growth.”  You may have heard this mentioned or read it somewhere – but is it really the correct way to groom your eye brows and can I do this at home?

What grows where and how?

Most brows can be divided into the top half and the side half. The top half begins at the inside edge of the brow bone closest to the nose and until the top of brow bone (usually at a point either in the middle or two-thirds of the way on the brow line), while the side half begins from the highest point of the bone and until the opposite corner of the eye.

Brow hairs, in general, grow UP in the top half and DOWN and to the SIDE in the side half.

To style and groom your brows: brush up the top half and lightly and carefully trim, with brow scissors, the hairs that are too long.  Next brush down (and a little to the side) the hairs of the side half.  You can now see the direction in which the hairs grow.

Only tweeze the hairs underneath the brow bone.  Slowly create a clean line under the brow – you can draw the line with a white or black eye pencil to make the demarcation more clear.  Now holding your tweezers straight down, grab the hair and pull the hair straight up and out of the top half.  Then holding your tweezers at an angle, grab the hairs of the side half and pull out the hair sideways.

Tweeze single hairs at a time, pulling gently but steadily to prevent the hair from tearing at the root before it is removed.  These torn hairs are the ones that can grow back either stuck under the skin or grow back crooked. Always brush your brows after each tweeze – remember in brow styling less really is MORE!

Once this is done, you can remove a few more hairs (one at a time!) from the area between the top and side halves to create the arch you want.  Removal of a few hairs will create a soft arch, while removing too many hairs will create a harder, V-shaped look.

Don’t forget to tweeze the area between your brows for any stray hairs.

Have patience, your brows may not take the shape you desire right away.  Allow them to grow and fill in, especially if you have done some overzealous tweezing in the past!

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(*Thanks Judy Kleinman for the great name!)

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