Coloring your eyebrows: When and Why

I don’t have to tell you that your eyebrows are an important part of your face.  They give a frame to your features and help others “read” your expression and therefore your mood.

Our eyebrows talk, just as much as our smiles!

Through the years we may change the color of our hair (many times!) or we may just cover the grey or we may allow the grey to show and wear our grey/white hair with pride. 

Whatever our choice, our brows don’t always follow our hair color choices and this is the time when we should think about coloring our brows.

As with all color choices, fashion and personal style influence the way we will deal with our brow color.  Amongst the fashion trends, we have seen the 'brow color should be the opposite color of your hair'; for instance dark brows with light hair or (you guessed it) light brows with dark hair. And of course, there are women who want their brows to match their hair exactly.

Whatever you choose, the color should enhance your beauty. In addition, I firmly believe that women with very light hair should have brows that are a bit darker than the natural color (no matter what the fashion trend), so the brows can still serve the purpose of framing the face.

Whatever color choice you decide, there is an easy, at-home method to color your own brows. 

Whether your use the same dye color you use on your head or a different color, the process is the same.

1.  Make sure your brows are clean and dry.  It is best to have your brows styled BEFORE you begin the coloring process.  If you wax your brows, make sure they are wax-free and clean before you begin. If you have any wax, oil or cream on your brows, the color will not 'take'.

2.  If you wish to dye your brows the same color as your hair, save a bit of dye once you have colored your hair.

3.  Use a clean, dry mascara brush (you can also buy a package of one-use mascara brushes in a variety of stores) and dip it in the dye.  Wipe off any excess dye from the bristles and then gently brush separate hairs throughout the brow.  I like to create a more natural look by not dyeing EVERY hair, so I gently color brow hairs as I brush.

4.  In general I do not leave the dye on for more than 20 minutes.

5.  If you are dyeing your hair at the same time, use a wet towelette and wipe the dye off the brow BEFORE you wash the dye out of your hair, so you do not risk dye dripping into your eyes.

6.  Warning: if the dye causes an allergic reaction to the brow/eye area, wipe off the dye immediately and gently wash the area.

Want to learn how to style and groom your own brows in a one-on-one lesson? Contact me today!

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