Trash the wedding dress or I guess I don’t have to worry about getting out THAT stain!

Have you heard about the Trash the Wedding Dress photo sessionsometimes called The Fearless Bride or Rock the Frock?  

The basic idea is to, well, trash the wedding dress in some dramatic, no-holds-barred manner.  The bride trashing the dress and the final results to the dress are usually photographed in the style of a high-fashion magazine.  The backgrounds for the shoot can be anything from the ocean or a farm to a slum or a dirt road.  The messier, the better!

In our neck of the woods, where getting a wedding dress from a gemach is nearly de rigueur, the idea of “trashing the wedding dress”, is nothing short of a sin against nature.  But even here in Israel, there are some brides who chose this route.  Want to know how to say Trash the Dress in Hebrew?  Simple transliteration: טראש דה דרס

Why would a bride want to trash her dress?  I guess it’s an interesting gimmick.  And this mini-event makes for some once-in-life-time, never-to-be-repeated photos. Some gals have said that they are marrying the man of their dreams, so they will never need another wedding dress again. 

Personally, I would love every bride who can afford to BUY her dress, to then donate her dress to a gemach so that brides who cannot afford to buy a dress, can rent one for a very low fee. 

Need ideas for your own Trash the Dress?  How about: paint ball fight, roll-in-the-mud fight, jump into the ocean or a pool, flour fight, wine fight, oh and did I mention a food fight?  There is absolutely no end to the ideas!

Want more ideas?  Take a look at this link: link:  

Maybe the idea interests you, but you don’t want to ruin YOUR wedding dress?  Buy a cheap look-alike dress on Ebay and trash away!

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