4 Best Kept Grooming Secrets of the FATHER of the Bride (and Groom)!

I always talk about the bride, the mothers of the bride and groom and the ladies of the bridal party, but never talk about the Fathers Well it’s time to talk about the BEST KEPT GROOMING SECRETS OF THE FATHER OF THE BRIDE (and groom)!

Nose hairs: Have the hairs in your nose trimmed or plucked.  Do I really have to tell you that nothing looks worse than a close up shot of the bride and her father and his nose hairs?  Have you barber take care of them when you get your pre-wedding hair cut!

Ear hairs:  They may be less offensive than nose hairs, but many men tend to have a LOT of hair growing out of their ears.  Get them tamed and trimmed along with your nose hairs.

Eye brows:  I am not asking you to have your brows styled and waxed.  All I am asking is that overly bushy brows be tamed.  Many men have some very long brow hairs curling all over the place.  Have these hairs trimmed and your brows combed.  If you have a unibrow (one thick brow line from eye to eye), this could be the perfect time to create two brows, by having a few hairs plucked above the bridge of your nose.

Shirts:  There are two simple rules regarding men’s shirts: they should be clean and fit correctly.  These seemingly easy rules can somehow be forgotten in the fray of the wedding preparations.  If you tend to sweat a lot, please bring an extra shirt to the venue; perspiration stains are not a pretty sight in wedding photos!  

Make sure your shirt fits you correctly: not too tight or too loose.  Just think of Goldilocks and have them fit “just right”.  This means you are able to move and sit with ease and not be afraid that your shirt will split open or the buttons will fly off if you move.

Think of your daughter (or son) and the wedding photos that will LAST FOREVER!

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