If you or anyone you know are planning a wedding and planning to have your hair styled (of course you WILL!), this article is for you!  PRINT AND SAVE THIS BLOGICLE – IT COULD SAVE THE HAIR OF A LOVED ONE!

You've planned every detail of your wedding; dreamt of your dress, hair and makeup since you were a little girl.  Then the big day comes and as you watch your 'every day' hair transformed into a "three-tiered confection", you begin to wonder how you will ever get your 'everyday' hair back on the day after the wedding. 

Brides are always asking me how they should take care of their hair immediately after the wedding, or more to the point, how can they remove the buckets of hairspray, kilos of hair pins, clips and accessories, and multiple rubber bands from their hair.  The answer is: carefully and with patience.  Remember it took many hours to create your wedding hairdo; it will take time to get your hair back to its natural state.

Begin the transforming process, by removing your wedding gown, jewelry and makeup. I warmly recommend that you begin the hair care process the night (should I say "the morning after") of your wedding. You may be exhausted, but on the other hand you may not be able to get any sleep with the mound of teased and tortured hair that is now perched on top of your head.

Begin by removing all the pins, hair accessories and extensions.  I always joke that the bride will be finding pins in her hair until her first anniversary, I exaggerate – but you may find those little sweeties in your hair for a good few days – especially if you have long hair or extensions. 

Work as methodically as you can: begin at the back of your head and remove anything that is not your hair! You can spray your hair with a mixture of warm water and conditioner, working this mixture in your hair from your scalp till the tips of your hair. 

While we are on the subject: Before the wedding, many brides allow their hair to grow long in order to ensure they have "long hair" for their bridal hairstyle.  Many times this long hair is just long lengths of split ends. Once the wedding is over, you should immediately make an appointment to have your hair trimmed!

For those brides reading this blogicle BEFORE the wedding, I warmly recommend that you begin considering your hair, optimum hair length and bridal hairstyle – before anything else.  Under the most favorable circumstances, you would have at least six months to plan your wedding.  Which for our purposes means you have six months to get a good cut/styling and then – depending on how quickly your hair grows – you should have micro-trims every six to eight weeks to keep your hair healthy. Contact me now for a FREE BRIDAL CONSULTATION!

Don't let anyone tell you differently; long split ends are not a substitute for long healthy hair and they do not enhance a bridal hairstyle. 

Back to AFTER the wedding:  Instead of spraying your hair with warm water and conditioner, you can lightly spray your hair with good quality hair oil, such as Moroccan oil, obliphica oil or even olive oil (!).  Massage the oil or conditioner/water mixture GENLTY into your hair. 

Then just as GENTLY begin to comb out the teasing, curling and spraying with a wide tooth comb and/or your fingers.  Beginning at the back of your head and working your way forward.  Work on loosening and separating the hairs a section at a time.  Do not rush!  Try not to tear apart sections of hair that are "glued together" with spray.  Gently separate the hairs.  Remember warm water and oil and patience should release almost every knot in your hair.   

There may be a section of hair that is just too knotted and you will just have to cut this one out! If you do this at home, cut as close to the top of the knot as you can.  Remember not all hair can be saved.

If you are too tired to take care of all your hair that night (morning), then spray with water and conditioner and wash your hair in warm water with a good quality shampoo.  Rinse out and then gently towel dry.  Begin to work on your hair as soon as possible the next day. 

Whether you begin this process right away or the next day, you should shampoo and rinse your hair several times (during the same "session") in order to wash out as much of the gunk and glue as you can.

Once your hair is basically tangle free, treat your hair to a good moisturizing hair mask.  You can do this at home or in a beauty salon.  If you are doing this at-home: shampoo and condition your hair as usual and then comb and detangle your hair and then apply a few good handfuls of hair mask.  The amount you use depends on the length and thickness of your hair. 

As always work methodically.   Apply the mask from the roots through to the tips, massaging your scalp GENTLY as you work.  I like to then wrap the hair in a towel and leave the mask on for 20-30 minutes.  Always read label directions before using any product! 

Relax with your new husband over a leisurely breakfast/brunch for two.  Once the mask setting time is completed, gently rinse out the mask and towel dry.  If you must blow dry, curl, straighten and in general torture your hair, please wait an hour or so, allowing your hair to enjoy the new found silkiness of the mask before beating it into submission again.  Your hair will love you for it!


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