Thursday 26 2012
Vogue's 2012 Wedding Guide is chock full of too many great wedding ideas.
Even I don’t know where to begin!  Just click on a Wedding category and enjoy.  This week I selected Beach Weddings.  The bridal sandals are bright and light and perfect for summer weddings (and anywhere else)! 

Along with a never-ending supply of wedding gowns and hairdos Brides Magazine  provides tips, how tos and luscious pictures on every bridal subject under the sun. 
This week it's time to discuss what to do with "kids at weddings".  Israeli weddings are, for the most part, kid-friendly.  Having said this, the kids are usually found running wild throughout the wedding hall or garden.  This is especially true as the evening wears on and parents must deftly remove their offspring from the path of unsuspecting waiters or prevent them from drinking the water and wine from every unattended glass at a table.   BRIDES' idea for a Kiddie Table with games and activities is brilliant!  There's no need to invest large sums of money in this table – just go to your local cheap outlet and buy a basket full of games and crafts.

Keeping to the "little ones" theme, take a look at BRIDES UK  This week we take a look at LOOKS for the littlest bridesmaids (and boys as well).  There is a wonderful selection of dresses from babies to tweens.  Lovely dresses and color schemes with styling ideas.  Just choose, print and take to your local seamstress.


In INSTYLE's Wedding section  I found an interesting list of the 25 Must-Have Wedding Photos. 
Let me start out by stating that I believe that you should not "go cheap" on the bridal photographer, remember this person is the keeper of all your memories.  Happily, most of the photographers I have worked with KNOW their job and know what to photograph (you do need to point out and tell them to photograph Aunt Minny sitting in the corner or a baby 'hiding out' in his carriage).  You should create a list of must have photographs and hand it to the photographer before the wedding.  If you are using a relatively inexperienced photographer INSTYLE WEDDINGS' list will be invaluable!  
The issue of RSVPs, seating arrangements, seating cards and reserved tables can be, in many cases, an issue fraught with drama.  Most halls in Israel do have table number cards placed on every table.  The KNOT presents some great ideas for naming and numbering the tables that you can do at home and in advance!
These ideas range from simple paper/cardboard cut outs to framed numbers.  Make sure to assign a trusted friend the job of placing the numbers and removing them (if they are framed or you wish to save them as a keepsake [at least one!])

Wedding Style Magazine
Continuing with the photography aspect of the wedding, Wedding Style Magazine offers an incredible range of photographic styles in Real Weddings  think about having several shots finished in black and white or sepia. (I love sepia.  I love the look of a vintage picture!!!)
Wedding Magazine UK

Instead of a veil why not think about a hat with a short veil or a fascinator?  A fascinator is a headpiece that is not quite a hat and sits on only one part of the head, usually has feathers or some other striking feature. Take a gander at Wedding Magazine UK's  selection.   Hats are not just for the already-married!

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