Weekly Bridal Roundup #3

Friday 10 August 2012
Vogue's 2012 wedding guide   This week let's look at the Rebel Look and let's talk about wedding invitations.  Wedding invitations have gone from simple to elaborate to multi-lingual to postcard plain.  Take a look at this invitation style.  It may not be for everyone, you can use it for inspiration!

BRIDESBrides Magazine http://www.brides.com  Weddings dresses and large, bigger-than-life blooms.  What more can I say, well it's all hot pink and bigger than life.

BRIDES UKBRIDES UK http://www.bridesmagazine.co.uk  talks about "Tiaras, Veils or Florals? Bridal Hair Accessories".  Just keep your hair simple and enjoy the accessories!

INSTYLE INSTYLE http://www.instyle.com/   This week I saw a great bangs look.  Bangs are always iffy as a new style – DON'T create bangs just for a wedding hairstyle.  You may be sorry.  If the bangs are too short – you won’t be able to pin them up.  If they are too long, they will drive you crazy.  Many, many hairstyles can be made with and without bangs and still look great.  If you can't decide, attach extension bangs on and try the style with and without them.  Never cut on a whim!

THE KNOTThe KNOT http://www.theknot.com/  Did you ever think of a black and white wedding?  It's gutsy and maybe sophisticated.  But is it YOU?

Wedding Style MagazineWedding Style Magazine  http://www.weddingstylemagazine.com/ Here is the ULTIMATE list of wedding gown designers!  Forget budget!  Forget deadlines!  Just enjoy the beauty!

Wedding Magazine UKWedding Magazine UK's http://www.weddingmagazine.co.uk/   The littlest bridesmaids deserve the loveliest dresses.  Check these out! 

Bridal SnobBridal Snob http://bridalsnob.tumblr.com/  Like dessert for our eyes:

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