Weekly Bridal Roundup 2 August 2012

Thursday 2 August 2012
Once again I take a look at Vogue's 2012 wedding guide   This week let's look at the Gypsy Look.  Let's pair this daring "sweet nothings" wedding dress with a lace-to-die-for bag.  And for a bridesmaid – how's about this soft pink look (great with a basic underneath as well)?

Lace continues in this week's Brides Magazine http://www.brides.com/: all-lace gowns, lace accents on sleeves and backs, even laser-cut satin disguised as lace and of course lace veils.  Something for EVERY bride!
BRIDES UK http://www.bridesmagazine.co.uk  talks about the latest beauty trend of His and Hers Beauty Tans! 
When thinking about this new trend, please keep in mind the following: If you've never had a spray-on tan before, be sure to test both of your skins m-o-n-t-h-s before the wedding.  Make sure the product you use does not drip or rub off on your clothes – especially when you sweat (and you will be sweating at the wedding).
I found in INSTYLE http://www.instyle.com/ something I have talked about in the past: What is your wedding style?  INSTYLE lists four: Classic, Rock, Bohemian and Romantic.  What is your style?  This is something to keep in mind when looking for a dress or thinking about a design for your tables.   

The KNOT http://www.theknot.com/  has an amazing selection of wedding cakes. 

Every day I hear about another talented Israeli cake designer - check out Facebook for a great variety of designers.  It's time to have a designer cake for your wedding!

Wedding Style Magazine
Just take a gander at the table designs in Wedding Style Magazine http://www.weddingstylemagazine.com/ they may be "over the top" – but they are jam packed with ideas you can use NOW!

Wedding Magazine UK
Makeup, especially lip treatments, are the subject of this week's Wedding Magazine UK's http://www.weddingmagazine.co.uk/  selection. 

Nude or a natural lip treatment is really nothing new.  The "dramatic eyes- with- neutral lips rule" has been around for some time now.  Here however the look is completely natural.  I think it is a little too washed out.  I recommend that you add a dash of pink lip gloss to the most natural lip.  In any case, a look this light may be good for a Friday morning wedding – but NOT for an evening bash!

Bridal Snob
Bridal Snob http://bridalsnob.tumblr.com/  has some gorgeous looks and shots.  Take a look and enjoy!

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