Reach for your FAN! And never get hairspray on your lashes again!

I don’t have to tell you this: hairspray belongs on your hair – not your face!

Here is the scene: you just finished applying your makeup and have styled your hair.  All that is left is a quick shpritz of hairspray to ensure your style lasts the evening and you are ready to leave.

So… you spray your hair and once again get spray and gunk on your face, especially on your eye lashes and cheeks.  You have no time to redo your makeup and if you “retouch it” – you will just make it worse!

What should you do?  Reach for your FANYes a fan, like the kind you can buy at the costume counter for Purim.

Hold the fan, in front of your face, as close to your hairline as possible, carefully angle it so you cover your lashes but don’t crush them or rub your makeup.  Now you can spray your hair safely.

It would be even better of you could get someone else to spray your hair while you hold the fan!

Remember to pick up a few simple fans (ones without cut out designs) before Purim or at costume stores and store them near your hairspray.  Your makeup will thank you! 

Yochi Eisner is owner of The Kallah (bride) Whisperer.  Yochi is a professional bridal makeup artist and hair and wig stylist serving brides and their bridal parties throughout Israel.  She is also an avid blogger, writing about everything bridal from makeup and hairstyling tips and trends to stories and information about Jewish wedding traditions. Please send her a message, she’d love to hear from readers all around the world!

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