Did You Know Your Eye Has a “Water Line”?

The area just above your bottom lashes is called “the water line”. 

The eye liner color of choice for this area is usually black.  It is the color that most women think is appropriate for this area, usually creating a more dramatic eye look.  Many women don’t even think of trying another color in this area.
But the truth is that black is not always the most attractive look for many women. Now let me give you some wonderful alternatives.

White: White in the water line creates a cool, bright look for the entire eye look.

Blue: Blue is a great choice!  Blue in the water line opens the eyes and brightens the whites of the eyes, but still gives a warmer, almost-dramatic look to the eye.

Draw a clean line in the water line from outer edge of eye to tear duct.  

You may need to re-draw this line once or twice to get the color intensity you wish.  

Hint: Keep the pencil in your makeup bag, so you can retouch this line during the day/evening.

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