Don't Blink Till You See the Whites Under Their Brow Bones

It is no secret that you should apply white eye shadow directly under your brow bone to create a more lifted, open and “wide awake” look to your eyes.

But recently, I learned from a client, that if you have a very small upper eye area, you can draw a simple white line just underneath the brow bone, to produce a similar effect of more space in this upper eye area. 

Take a good, white pencil - I prefer a good quality, not-too-waxy one, such as  Sisley’s double ended Phyto-Khol Perfect Eyeliner  - and draw a simple, clean white line just under your brow bone from the inner edge of each brow to the outer edge.  If you have a bit more area, you can draw a some-what thicker line, but keep this white line as delicate as possible

This white pencil technique will create the illusion that your brows are slightly raised and make your upper eye lid area seem bit bigger.

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