4 Tips to Picture-Perfect Bridal Nails!

When should you schedule your pre-wedding mani?
So many brides ask me when they should have their manicures before the wedding.  This is a “big” question with a simple answer – after the mikveh and no more (or less than) the day BEFORE the wedding.

Why not on the day of the wedding?  Great question.  First of all you have enough on your plate on THE DAY and second of all, you want to make sure that the nail polish is 100%, no make that 1000%, dry before you put on the wedding dress. Manicures are not a wedding task you need to do at the last minute.  The day before is perfect!  This is especially true if you want to have acrylic or gel nail extensions for your wedding.

Start taking care of your nails – TODAY!
And while we are on the discussion of nails: if you want your nails to look great, start taking care of them at least three months before the wedding.  Do I really need to tell you to stop biting your nails?  Allow them to grow and get manicures on a regular basis.  This allows you to get to know and trust your manicurist (and find someone better!) and also allows you to explore the best mani colors and styles for your wedding nails.

Color, Color, Color!
I have always believed that a clean, nude-to-pink French nail is perfect, but take a gander at the red nail polish choices in the link below, it may change your mind (it certainly changed mine).

If you are choosing stones or other glue-on decorations, make sure they do not stick out too much from your nail bed or catch on to fabric too easily – this could spell disaster for your dress or your hair or your lashes on the wedding day. 

Take the time to try out different nail styles and colors in the months leading up to the wedding. 

Your over-all look!
If you are wearing a traditional white or off-white/cream dress, your only “color” will come from your makeup, bouquet, shoes and nails.  Imagine matching your nails to your bouquet?  Or to your shoes? These are the accessories that can bring color and life into your over-all wedding look!

On the DAY
On the day of the wedding.  Have a friend gently check the stones and tips of your nails to make sure they do not catch or snag any fabric.

And remember to have a fabulous, colorful wedding day!

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