5 Beauty Tips Every Bride Should Know BEFORE Her Wedding!


Be kind to your skin! Drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated. 
Perfect Bridal skin!
Do not sit out in the sun or use a tanning bed in the weeks before your wedding. 

This is not the time to experiment with new creams, lotions or potions on any part of your body.  Use the same trusted brands you've used for years.

If you want to improve the look of your skin start going to a trusted cosmetician at least two months before the wedding, tell her/him when you are getting married and make sure that all treatments are very gentle.  No extreme peelings or exfoliations. 

Perfect Bridal Lips
Chapped lips are a problem for brides as well as all the women in the bridal party.  Begin this great at-home beauty treatment about a month before the wedding: before going to bed gently rub a small amount of sugar into your lips and then wash off and apply a very thin coat of unscented mild facial cream or petroleum jelly. Repeat this process once a week until the wedding.


Perfect Bridal Eyes
If you wear glasses, then think about the following eye makeup options:

If you are far sighted (can’t see up close) – your glasses magnify not only what is in front of you, but also your eyes: make sure your makeup is subtle both in color and in style. 

If you are near sighted (can't see far away) – your glasses help you see into a distance, but also make your eyes seem smaller, make sure your makeup is more dramatic.  You should use eyeliner and extra coats of mascara to help further emphasize your eyes.

If your eyes are small, think about using a white pencil on the water line above your bottom lashes from the tear duct to the very corner of your eye to give you the illusion of brighter, larger eyes.

Discuss these issues with your makeup artist during the trial session.

Dressing the bride
Touch ups on the day of the wedding
If you are not lucky enough to have a makeup artist on call for the entire event, keep the following tips in mind:

Pack the following items inside your take-to-the-venue makeup bag.

To absorb any perspiration and remove the shine from any facial areas: blot the area with a dry, clean tissue.  Blot the area, do not wipe it or your makeup will smudge and spread.

Prepare cotton balls dipped lightly in facial powder in talc/baby powder for light touch-ups. (Place these in a small zip-lock baggie.)

Pack a cheap concealer or makeup that matches (exactly!) your makeup shade or use talc/baby powder for mini-touch-ups. (Why cheap? You can forget it or lose it at the venue without worry!)

 You can pack a clear or tinted lip gloss, to keep your lips looking hydrated and full.


A Bridal smile - the perfect makeup!
Get used to smiling – brightly!  

Remember what The Kallah Whisperer always says: A smile will light up your face and create a glow no makeup can accomplish – but makeup will give you a polished look that no smile can create or prolong!”

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