Before the Wedding: Makeup and Hairstyling Trial Session

What is a makeup and hairstyling trial makeup session and why is it important for you, the bride?
A trial makeup and hairstyle session allows you, the bride, to try out different makeup and hairstyling looks to find the one best suited to your appearance, life style and the wedding style. Once a makeup and hairstyle plan is established, you have one less worry and one less task on your never-ending list of wedding tasks. This session can be relaxing and fun at a very stressful time.

I warmly recommend that the trial session be carried out in my studio, enabling you, the bride, to disconnect from everything around you and immerse yourself totally in the process. The actual makeup and hairstyling for the wedding can be carried out at my studio, your home or simcha site, according to your needs.

The trial session is a two to three hour session. Clear your schedule and make your appointment. You are invited to my studio to enjoy good coffee, something sweet and lots of no-stress attention.

What to expect at the trial session?
We will talk about:
• Your lifestyle, attitudes toward makeup (Do you rarely or always wear makeup? Do you like dramatic or understated makeup?) and hairstyling (Do you want a dramatic hairstyle or a simple, easy-to-wear look?).
• Your wedding gown and wedding style (Country? Formal? Casual? 'Shanty'?). Have you already selected your gown and wedding style or are you still searching? At my studio we can discuss your choices and look through magazines (Israeli, American and English) to help you find the look you've dreamed of.
• Your dream hairstyle and accessories (crown, clips, earrings).
• Your wedding color scheme and flower choices. These can influence the makeup colors and styles.
• Your skin condition and routine, allergies and skin sensitivities
• Wedding season
• Outdoor or indoor wedding
• Special makeup/hairstyle requests

What will Yochi do?
• I will dress you in a lace overtop over your white top (to simulate the top of a wedding dress) and then I will begin to create your hairstyle. Curling, teasing, straightening your hair until I achieve the result you want.
• We will also talk about whether you want to let your hair grow, add hair extensions, or change its color (gradually) or add highlights and think about any other changes you wish to make for the "big day".
• Once the hairstyle is to your liking, I will begin to create your makeup look.
• I will match your foundation to your skin tone and then I will begin to build your look. I will create either one or two eye makeup looks.
• Once we decide on an eye look, I will finish off the look with powder, shimmer, blush and lipstick/gloss.
• I will take sample photographs to see how the makeup looks "on camera" and make adjustments as needed.
• I will then add a veil, crown and jewelry to complete the perfect look. I will then take final photos.

Who should accompany me to the trial session?
• I recommend you take someone with you to the session; your mother, a trusted friend. Bring someone who will be objective, helpful and fun.
When should you schedule your trial session?
• Schedule the trial session as soon as you can: either as soon as you have set a wedding date or once you have seriously begun to think about your wedding look (whichever is first), so we have a start off point and can make the session as effective as possible.
• At this point you should also tentatively schedule the wedding date with me as well. You will need to close the wedding date with me as soon as possible.
• After the session you can then schedule the following appointments:
o with the cosmetician to ensure your skin is at its best
o We can schedule appointments to help improve/maintain your haircut/style, change your hair color (gradually), add highlights.

Other scheduling issues
Rule of thumb: You should schedule the makeup/hairstyle wedding session for at least 5-7 hours before the wedding is set to begin. To this time frame you should add extra time, in the event that you will need to travel more than 40-60 minutes to the hall or photography site.

What to bring to the trial session?
• Please wear a white top (without buttons). I provide veil choices and crowns, as well as a lace over top.
• Pictures of the gown you choose or gowns you like or websites of gowns you like.

• Consultation (at this type of session we can talk about many of the issues listed above in "What to expect at the trial session? We will talk about"): - free
• Makeup and hairstyling trial session: All the work described above involves a lot effort and costs money. The cost of the trial session will be deducted from the final amount, should you choose to hire me to do your wedding makeup and hairstyling. Call me to discuss trial and wedding day makeup and hairstyling.
• Wedding day makeup and hairstyling: Complete makeup and hairstyling as agreed during our trial session. I will also discuss with you (or a companion) how to make touch ups throughout the wedding, especially before the chuppah and get a 'touch up kit'. Call me to discuss trial and wedding day makeup and hairstyling.
• Additional service: I can accompany you throughout the wedding evening, touching up your makeup and hair, as needed.
See and learn more on Styles by Yochi: Your makeup artist, hairstylist, wig stylist for all your weddings and simchas

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