Think Fresh & Blooming for the 2014 Spring/Summer Wedding Season

Brides: It’s time to rethink the smoky eye/cat’s eye look! 

Forget the smoke and drama and think fresh and blooming for the coming 2014 spring/summer wedding season.  Think pinks and subtle purples, with an added touch of iridescent shine. 

Color is applied only on the eye lid, from the crease and until the lash line and gently brushed under the lower lash line, ending just before the tear duct.  A dab of iridescent powder/shadow is gently brushed on to the middle of the top lid.  White eye pencil is applied on the water line of the bottom lashes.

Just a few individual false long lashes are added to the top and bottom lash lines, to create a wide-eyed, innocent look.  Together, all these steps create a round, soft, gentle look for the eyes. 

The lips and cheeks are light, luscious and pink (or nearly nude)!

This look is especially flattering for brides with small round or square faces and small features. The light-colored eye shadow helps to keep eyes bright and prevents a sunken, dark look.

What about the hairstyle?

Nearly any hairstyle from short-pixie to long and luxurious curls will go well with this look. 

What about the gown and veil?

Cool eye shadow colors will suit a pure white wedding gown, while warmer shades will complement a champagne or off-white wedding gown. 

The look should be finished off with a very delicate headband consisting of a row or two of pearls or diamonds, matching earrings and a veil appropriate to the height of the bride and the material of the wedding gown. 

Want more information about this look and want to know if this look is right for you?  Contact me today!