Another great hint from The Kallah Whisperer: Email RSVP DOs and DON'Ts!

Email RSVP DOs and DON'Ts

Do your wedding/simcha invitations include an EMAIL RSVP request?  You and your guests need to be sure that you received the RSVP!  How do you ensure this?  Simple!

(1) Create a wedding/event specific email (they’re free on gmail, yahoo and so on).  Don’t use your regular email; it’s too easy to get your RSVP emails LOST!  Make sure to use an easy to remember and type email address, such as  Keep the password simple!

(2) Create an automatic-receipt email (this is called Vacation responder in Gmail), which can be set to send an automatic response once an email is received.  

In the Subject Line key in: “Thanks for the RSVP” and a similar message in the message text box, such as “Thanks for the RSVP. We hope to see you at our simcha.  Signed the bride and groom or the bride, groom and the parents”.  

Unfortunately these simple email systems cannot read the email and determine if someone is attending or not.  You will need to read each email and then move them to folders marked Attending or Not Attending to keep your records tidy.