Prevent tangles and knots in long hair sheitels! Share with your friends!

One of the most annoying problems with long sheitels is the fact that the rows of hair that lay on the nape of the neck tend to get knotted and matted.  These rows of hair can be detangled - but like everything else - continuous combing loosens and then tears the hairs in the sheitel.  Eventually, over-vigorous brushing and combing will create bald spots.

The reason this area is so vulnerable to tangling is the fact that this area tends to rub along the collars of shirts, dresses, coats and jackets, as well as get caught in scarves and necklaces. There is no way to prevent this close contact, but there is a way to help prevent the resulting tangles!

For years I have told my customers that they should pay extra attention to this area and GENTLY detangle and comb - with a wide tooth comb or brush - this area after every time they wear their long sheitels.  Regular detangling keeps this area neat and prevents the need for more vigorous brushing when you bring your sheitel in for a 'wash and set'. (Another area of special attention is the “scalp” area of the wig, but that’s the subject of another article!) 

I have tried all kinds of methods to detangle the hairs as safely as possible, but like everything else, I have found that the easiest method is to PREVENT this tangling IN THE FIRST PLACE.  My solution is simple and wig-safe!

My method works great with all sheitels: on new sheitels as well as old sheitels; 100% human hair, blends and even synthetics! 

What to do?

þ First turn your sheitel inside out.  Hold the nape section of your sheitel facing you.  

þIf this is not a new sheitel, gently comb and detangle all the hair of the sheitel - paying special attention to the last rows of hair close to the edges of the sheitel (this is the area that will come in close contact with the nape of the neck). 

þ Take a small amount of silicone gel or Moroccan/Aragon oil and rub it into the palm of your hands.  The gel or oil will keep these rows of hair “lubricated” and loose and less likely to be able to get knotted or tangled. Rub this small amount into the palms of both hands.

þ Using the palms of your hands gently apply the gel/oil ONLY to the roots of the rows of hair at the nape.  Do not rub the oil/gel down through the hair length.  You only want the “roots” of the rows of hairs close to the nape to be affected. The reason for this is that you do not want your wig to dirty or create an oil stain on any of your clothes.

þ Once you have treated your wig, you should not need a wide-toothed comb or brush to untangle your wig hair after a day of wig wear.  You should be able to gently untangle this area with just your fingertips.  

þ This layer of protection should last until your regular month and a half shampoo and set session. If you have been wearing your wig in hot weather or throughout a particularly active day, you may need to reapply a bit of gel/oil and repeat the process.  If you wait months between shampoo and set sessions (which you know you should NOT DO!), the protective properties of the gel/oil will not last and you will need to reapply a bit of gel/oil every so often.

þ Before and after every wear, gently shake out your wig twice. Once while holding your wig inside out and then while holding your wig right side out.  This will help to keep the hairs separate.

Treat your wig with the love and attention it deserves and it should serve you well for a long time to come!