Pre-Wedding Beauty Tips

Pre-Wedding Makeup Tips 
Mazal Tov!  Here are more than a few tips and tricks of the trade that can help you through the 'big' day.  
Overall effect for the ladies of the bridal party:
A reminder for all the women in the bridal party: the color of your dress, the color of the flowers you may hold, the lighting effects and the décor of the venue around you all play a part in how your makeup will ultimately look on you - in person and on film.
Bridal party ladies, take a moment to think and rethink your color choices.  A dark gown on a dark skinned woman in a dimly lit room will not photograph well, no matter how dramatic the makeup is.  If you are set on a specific color scheme, think about accessories (jewelry, scarves, etc) or flowers to help lighten the overall effect.
I can tell you from experience that a large, bright, white basket of flowers can brighten the overall effect for a lovely little flower girl in a too-dark dress as she walked down the aisle in a dimly lit, dark-walled venue.  Take pictures in advance and see the over-all effect BEFORE the big day!
Before your big day take into consideration the following:
Skin: Be kind to your skin!
Do not sit out in the sun or use a tanning bed in the weeks before your wedding.  Aside from the fact that your skin needs only 15 minutes of sun a day – that's right 15 minutes, you are courting unnecessary trouble (burns, blisters, etc) and much more serious health problems down the road! 
This is not the time to experiment with new creams, lotions and potions on any part of your body.  Use the same trusted brands you've used for years.
If you want to improve the look of your skin start going to a cosmetician at least two months before the wedding and ensure that all treatments are gentle.  No extreme peelings or exfoliations. 
If any dry patches develop on your face in the weeks leading up to the wedding, use a gentle peeling or exfoliation cream or simply use a little water and sugar (!) and rub it into the area each evening.  Rinse in the shower and then finish up with a good facial cream.  Be extra kind to this area.  Depending on your skin type and age, these dry areas should improve within a week or so.
·         Chapped lips – winter and summer
This tip is especially important for the bride, but also the mothers can benefit.  If your lips are chapped, begin a MONTH BEFORE THE WEDDING, you can do a very gentle peeling to your lips: gently rub sugar into your lips and then wash off and apply a very thin coat of unscented mild facial cream. 
·         Remember to outline your lips with a lip pencil to keep the lip color from 'bleeding' into the areas around your lips.
·         Clear lip gloss will help give your lips the illusion of fullness. 
·         Remember the basic rules of dark and light:
A dark lip color makes your lips look smaller.
A light lip color makes your lips look larger.

If you wear glasses, think about your lenses.  If you are far sighted (can’t see up close) – your glasses magnify not only what is in front of you, but also your eyes: make sure your makeup is more subtle both in color and in style. 
If you are near sighted (can't see far away) – your glasses help you see into a distance, but also make your eyes seem smaller, make sure your makeup is more dramatic.  You should use eyeliner and extra coats of mascara to help further emphasize your eyes.
If your eyes are small, think about using a white pencil on the lid line above your lashes from the tear duct to the very corner of your eye to give you the illusion of brighter, larger eyes.
Eye makeup trends change from wedding season to wedding season.  The summer wedding season usual brings on more romantic, old fashion, back-to nature trends.  A too natural, too subtle look - especially when you are wearing all white - will not be flattering in pictures.  If on the other hand, you have the hankering from something more dramatic, discuss it with your makeup artist at the trial session.
Overall effect:
Go easy on the shiny, sparkly eye shadows and blushes as these reflect the light and the flash of the cameras can create a bright spot(s) effect on your face, essentially creating blank hole in your face on film, not a pretty sight!
Touch ups on the day of the wedding:
If you are not lucky enough to have a makeup artist on call for the entire event, keep the following tips in mind:
Perspiration: Absorb any perspiration and take the shine from any areas, by first blotting the area with a dry, clean tissue.  Blot the area, do not wipe it or your makeup will smudge and spread.  You can prepare cotton balls with facial powder or dip in talc/baby powder for light touchups.
You can take with you a cheap concealer or makeup that matches (exactly!) your makeup shade or use talc/baby powder for mini-touchups.
Your eyes: Your eye makeup may run from the hot lights and dancing or become smudged by the over-zealous kissing of family and friends.  I recommend that you bring along and have a trusted friend hold for you:
·         eye shadow to match your overall eye shading (usually there is more than one shade) and simple disposable brush or applicator
·         eye pencil in the same shade applied earlier to touch up the inner lid areas
Your lips: This is a day of kissing and nothing removes lipstick like kissing.  Your lip treatment is the finishing touch to your overall look and will give your photographs and video a more polished appearance.  I recommend that you bring along and have a trusted friend hold for you:
·         lip gloss.  This can be a clear lip gloss or a lip gloss with a color close to the one applied earlier.

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