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תקציר שבועי לכלות מס' 7

יום ו'  כ' אלול תשע"ב 7 ספטמבר 2012

BRIDES מגזין

מגזין BRIDES http://www.brides.com השבוע יש כתבה חשובה על "15 מקרי חירום ביום החתונה ואיך ניתן לפתור אותם". אני רוצה להוסיף טיפ לנעליים חדשות – קודם כל תנסי לנעול אותן כמה שיותר לפני החתונה ולנעול אותם עם גרביים  - הגרביים מגינים על אצבעות הרגליים וגם עוזרים לרכך את הנעליים בצורה יעילה יותר!


מגזין BRIDES UK http://www.bridesmagazine.co.uk    תסתכלו על השמלות של אלברטה פריטי!  בעצם אני רוצה לדבר על הינומות.  הן יפות אבל הן יכולות להיות כבדות ומסורבלות אם תבחירי הינומה ארוכה או כבדה מדי!  תמדדי את ההינומה שלך לפני שתצאי מסלון הכלות ותלכי איתה בתוך החנות בכדי לוודא שהיא מתאימה לך!


מגזיןTHE KNOT  http://www.theknot.com/  נכון שיש מבחר עצום של זרי פרחים לכלה.  הפעם אני רוצה להראות לך זרי פרחים מחמניות!  זר זה אינו מתאים לכל כלה או סגנון תחונה!  הם מתאימים לחתונות בסגנון כפרי ולא פורמלי!

Wedding Magazine UK

Wedding Magazine UK  http://www.weddingmagazine.co.uk/   

סוף-סוף עוגת חתונה שאני אוהבת.  עוגה שנראה כמו טילונים (גלידה בתוך גביע)!  "העוגה" מתאימה גם למסיבות אירוסין ושבע ברכות!

Bridal Snob

Bridal Snob  http://bridalsnob.tumblr.com/     עוד רעיון לעוגת חתונה שהיא לא עוגה: סופגניות - DOUGHNUTS!  למה אני לא חשבתי על זה?

Weekly Bridal Roundup #7

Friday 7 September 2012

Brides Magazine http://www.brides.com  "15 Wedding-Day Beauty Emergencies and How to Solve Them": This is a great article about the usual 'emergencies' and how to solve or prevent them.  Let's talk about breaking in bridal shoes before the wedding.  This suggestion is for every lady in the bridal party!  I also suggest wearing socks when you break in your shoes; they protect your tootsies and at the same time help stretch your shoes much quicker.


BRIDES UK http://www.bridesmagazine.co.uk  Take a look at these Alberta Ferretti gowns!  Everyone of them is gorgeous and to-die-for!  What I really want to talk about are veils.  Veils can be gorgeous, but also bulky and unwieldy if you choose one that is too long or too heavy.  Make sure to try on your veil BEFORE the wedding and to walk around the bridal Alberta FerrettiAlberta Ferrettistore with it on your head to see if you can maneuver the room with it.


The KNOT http://www.theknot.com/  There is a never-ending variety of bridal bouquets. This time I want to show you The Knot's sunflower bouquets.  Sunflowers are not for every bride or wedding style, but they are great for country-style, informal weddings.

Wedding Magazine UK

Wedding Magazine UK's http://www.weddingmagazine.co.uk/    Cake trends that I LOVE!  Take a look at these cakes-that-look-like-ice cream-cones.  This is also a great dessert idea for engagement partiers and Sheva Brachut!

Bridal Snob

Bridal Snob http://bridalsnob.tumblr.com/  Doughnuts (instead of wedding cake) at a wedding – why didn't I think of this???

The Mezinke Tanz and you thought brooms were just for sweeping

I want to tell you about a lovely wedding minhag, a very special dance called the Mezinke or Krenzl Tanz.  For the benefit of the innocent: Tanz in Yiddish means dance.  Mezinke in Yiddish mean youngest child.  (I understand the word itself is derived from a Ukrainian word meaning the pinky or little finger.)  Krenzl, another name for this dance, means crown in Yiddish.  The Yiddish words should give you a hint that this is an Ashkenazi minhag.

Traditionally, this dance was performed at the wedding of the youngest daughter and it is danced towards the end of the wedding celebration (reception), usually before Birchat Hamazon and Sheva Brachot**.  The Mezinke Tanz is meant to symbolize the "sweeping out or cleaning out the house" of all the unmarried children after the marriage of youngest daughter.  It should be kept in mind that traditionally the daughters of a family were married off in order of their age and so the last daughter to be married off usually meant the parents no longer "had to worry about their children".  Today the dance is performed during the wedding of the last child (son or daughter).

The song Di Mezinke Oysgegebn is traditionally played for the Mezinke Tanz.  The lyrics and music were written by Mark Warshavsky (or Varshavsky).  

There are several versions of this dance. In one version a broom or several brooms are decorated with flowers and the parents, holding these brooms, dance in front of the kallah and/or chatan, as if they were "sweeping them out of the house".  In a version of the dance, as you can see in the following link (with the kind permission of David Wilder), http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tf0VtYrbhkQ , both the parents and many of the younger guests at the wedding hold decorated brooms and "sweep out the kallah and chatan ".

In another version, the parents (or just the mother) of the kallah and/or chatan wear crowns of flowers on their heads (hence the second name for this dance, the Krenzl Tanz).  In this version, the parents sit in the middle of a circle of wedding guests who dance around them.  These guests may hold decorated brooms as they dance by and/or they may give the mother of the kallah/chatan a kiss as they dance by.

Think about adding this minhag when planning your wedding.  Mazal Tov!