I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's been so long since I published a blog entry. First the chagim attacked with full vengeance and I could do nothing but go along for the crazy ride. I washed and set as many sheitels as I humanly could, sold makeup (remember the organic makeup NVEY?) and so much more. Well the month flew by.

Then there has been a whirl of activity around my son's engagement and wedding plans.  Interestingly, through my own (son's, that is) pre-wedding experience, I have gotten back into wedding planning and management. I also took on another wedding planning and management project, so I guess I am back (in a limited manner) in the simcha management field.

Now in addition to my articles and updates on makeup, sheitels and hair, I will also provide information and forms that will be helpful to you as you plan your next simcha.  For expert advice and planning and mangement simcha services, contact me today for a quote.

So what's new in Yochi's world?

I am also happy to announce that I am developing a spanking new bi-lingual website, which I believe will be easier on the eyes and informationally friendly. I also ask all my customers, friends and supporters to be kind to my Hebrew translation. It will no doubt be corrected, updated and then updated so more, before I go on to yet another site version.

I am also planning another sheitel party with my good friends from KosherSheitels Wigs & Hair Factory  for some time around Chanukah.

Planned articles and helpful links:

1) Getting Lost in the Hall - Checking out the simcha sites with comparison forms and more

2) List of halls with licenses

3) Simcha Planning Services - The good, the bad, the free and the worthless
Stay tuned.