Airbrush Baby! 5 Reasons why you should have your bridal makeup airbrushed on!

You know that professional bridal makeup is essential to the perfect bridal look. 

You should also know that professional makeup is just as important for everyone in your bridal party.  

Now let me tell you why airbrushed makeup will take your makeup to the next level of perfection!

Airbrushed makeup is super clean and hygienic – only the makeup touches your skin!

Airbrushed makeup dries soft and natural!  No cakiness or heavy feeling!

Airbrushed makeup covers every imperfection and gives your skin a soft, smooth appearance.  This is great news for younger skin that has a tendency to breakout in pimples and for older skin that has a tendency towards wrinkles.

Airbrushed makeup
won’t smudge or ‘melt off’ once it is fully dry!  This means that makeup can be applied to your neck, décolletage, back or legs before you put on your wedding dress, without worrying about staining your dress or veil.

Airbrushed makeup is sheer enough to let your beauty shine through but opaque enough to cover any flaws!  Honestly, you will only see your beauty shine through – no uneven pigmentation, no redness – just your skin looking flawless!

It’s time to make sure your bridal makeup is Airbrushed makeup!  Call me today for a free bridal beauty consultation and to discuss all your bridal beauty needs!

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