Recently I came upon an old business photograph of mine, used without my permission or knowledge, in a range of blogs and articles throughout the internet.  I am calling this use "past nisht", but the use of my photographs is way beyond "past nisht" and I want to believe that since I sent emails to the different offenders this use will now stop!

This is the original photograph, taken by my husband Sidney – using five of my own wigs and head stands, as well as one of the first backgrounds we constructed using one of my Shabbos tablecloths. 

This is just one of a series of photographs taken in 2009 and were subsequently used in a variety of ways including in my first business card and several web site versions – under the original name of my business: Styles by Yochi. 

Examples of my old site (2011):

Examples of my old site (2010):

This photograph is MY property and as such, permission must be requested and provided before this photograph is published ANYWHERE.  

The credit under the photo should read as follows: “Photographed by Sidney Eisner for Yochi Eisner, The Kallah Whisperer for”

I want to believe that this situation will be remedied immediately!

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