How can I look like on a celeb on the red carpet?

I always talk about finding beauty inspiration from celebrity looks.  The problem is that when some women look at photos of these celebrities at red carpet events, many times they say to themselves they will never look ‘like them’ - so why try? 

Wrong approach!  When you look at photos of celebrities, you are looking at the result of tens of woman (and man) -hours of work.  Professional teams of stylists, makeup artists and hairstylists collectively work on these women to produce these results and the final photos are carefully choreographed frozen moments in time.

Inspiration does not mean imitating a head-to-toe look; it means taking a touch, a sparkle or an item from the look and making it your own.

 Photo Credit: Mark Sebastian

When you look at celebrity looks I want you to keep in mind:

Celebrities know pain and know how to smile through the pain!  Do not think for a moment that every woman on the red carpet is breathing freely and standing comfortably in their magnificent dresses.  Don’t confuse revealing and sexy gowns with comfort; every move is a dance with near disaster!  They are stitched, taped, corseted, bound and caged into their dresses.  If they didn't smile and look beautiful and graceful for their red carpet moments, their friends at Versace, Gucci, Givenchy, Zuhair Murad, Zac Posen or whomever would never lend them a gown again. 

And while we are on the subject of shoes (we were?), a recent American Medical Association study has shown that only one in one hundred thousand females come out of the birth canal wearing stilettos.  Have you taken a look at the height of red carpet shoes?  It’s true, every woman’s legs do look longer and sexier in high, high heels.  And what about that slow sexy walk?  That’s because stilettos only have one speed: slow and steady and preferably on the arm of someone who can help you walk down the red carpet without falling all the time (I still don’t know how they prevent nose bleeds). 

Now let’s talk about makeup and hair.  Every woman should know by now that the “more natural the look”, the more makeup is used!  The camera lens, especially in today’s world of HD is unforgiving; the makeup must not only be truly perfect but it must hold up to all the hot lights.  The best method to ensure the makeup is anchored is by applying layers of base and powder.  There are no short cuts here.  More truly is more.  And for the record no they don’t touch their faces, rub their eyes or lick their lips from the moment the makeup is cemented on and until it is peeled off hours later!

Today’s hairstyle trends favor the nearly messy, almost wavy, sort-of braided looks.  But don’t let the just-got-out-of-bed, tousled look fool you; there’s a whole lot of extensions, weaves and teasing going on, not to mention to the cans of hair spray and hair product needed to get and hold that “perfect” look.

There’s also another secret to celebrity frozen moments in time and that is celebrities know their best angles for photographs.  They know exactly how to hold their heads, where to put their hands and how to “breathe in” so the posed pictures are nearly “picture perfect and so life-like”.  The Hollywood machine, along with the hordes of actors and actresses, dress and jewelry designers, the stylists and the entire beauty industry is fed through these frozen moments in time.  Every picture must and will be perfect picture to ensure the best return on investment.

So ladies we should not use their photos as a flight map to how we must look, but rather use their photos as a reference point on the map to how we can look when we choose to.

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