5 Secrets To Smelling GREAT All Day!

Do you know the 5 secrets to make your fragrance last LONGER once you spritz?

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Whether you choose to wear perfume, Eau de parfum, Eau de toilette,
Eau de Cologne or oils the rules are the same:

Spritz or Spray or dab on moist skin after a shower or bath.

Spritz or Spray or dab on moist pulse points (wrists, behind the knees, ears and crook of the arm).   

To get that “just showered” moist skin any time of day – apply moisturizer on skin before spraying.

Spritz or Spray or dab on your skin and not on your clothes( you may ruin them!).

Use roll-on oils – but be super careful not to leave oil stains on clothing.

The fragrance you choose is a personal choice.  Over the years I have gone through countless “fragrance kicks”.  I loved mixing fragrances; first mixing different made-for-women fragrances and then mixing made-for-women with made-for-men fragrances (I loved Aramis!).  Today, I've stopped mixing, but I am not loyal to any single fragrance for more than a season or two. 

How long a fragrance will stay on your skin depends firstly on the kind of fragrance concentration (perfume, etc.) you buy and on your skin type.  So let’s understand the differences between perfume, Eau de parfum, Eau de Cologne and Eau de toilette.

Perfume contains the most concentrated amount of the scent and lasts the longest and is the most expensive.  Use sparingly!

The following “eaus” (“eau” means water in French) in order of essence concentration and lasting power.

Eau de parfum is less intense than perfume (with about 15% – 20% essence concentration), but can last quite long on the skin. Use sparingly!

Eau de toilette is next on the scent food chain with about 10% essence; a good summer scent.  Enjoy a good spritz!

Eau de Cologne has about 7% essence and is also a good, but light summer fragrance and can be reapplied often for a “refreshing feeling”. Spritz away!

Oily skin tends to help any fragrance linger longer on your skin; so if you have dry or combination skin apply a moisturizer or a matching fragrance body lotion/cream before spritzing to help keep your fragrance last longer.

Every girl needs fragrance-recharges throughout the day! The best times in my opinion are: after lunch, as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up and just before leaving work.  Keep a small bottle of roll-on oil in your makeup bag or a small bottle of your favorite fragrance in your desk for a fragrance re-charge any time you need it!

It’s time for a summer fragrance make over!  Take an hour or so and go to your favorite Pharma chain store or local cosmetic store and try on all the NEW fragrances to your heart’s content.  Don’t leave the store without buying at least one new fragrance and spritz away!


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