The ultimate guide to bat mitzvah & bridesmaids hairstyling

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Hairstyling for bat mitzvah girls, young bridesmaids and flower girls is a wonderful way to create a special look for these little cuties. 

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The age-appropriateness of the hairstyle, the young lady’s level of maturity and temperament and length of hair - all together -determine whether you should invest the time and effort in styling the bat mitzvah/bridesmaid's hair.  

While even infants can wear a cute headband; once these cuties can walk on their own, you can begin to think about styling their hair, just keep these guidelines in mind:
Let the young lady pick the hairstyle or at least have a say in what she wants – within reason.

Go with the flow - don’t make the hairstyling process feel like a punishment.

Be open to the fact that young girls may not want any style on the big day or will remove the hairstyle just before the simcha, or while walking down the aisle or exactly at the moment the photographer is about to take a photo.

 The hairstyle must suit the face and body build of the young lady.

Plan a style that can be easily undone or pinned up if it falls or the young lady no longer wants to wear it.

Any length of hair can styled.  Even short hair can be styled with simple braids or hair coils, using colorful rubber bands or clips to hold the ends in place.

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Never create top-heavy or bottom-heavy hairstyles or styles that pull the hair back too severely.

Make sure they can jump, dance and move freely in their style.  I always do the jump up and down test to ensure no hairs can get caught in zippers or sleeves.

Braids, simple or complicated, are always in style for bridesmaids of all ages.

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A gentle sprinkle of glitter (make sure our cutie closes her eyes and then give the hair a light dusting of hairspray and then gently sprinkle on glitter, then blow off the excess) is a great way to add a bit of sparkle to a simple style without the fuss of pins, especially for young bridesmaids.

The most versatile hairstyle for nearly any length of hair is a half up and half down hairstyle and has the added value of keeping the young lady’s hair from falling all over her face.               

Flowers, pins and other hair accessories – can be an easy way to dress up a simple style or can be a pain if they fall out or stick someone.  Look for hair accessories that are easy to attach and stay put or consider gluing (with special glue) flat accessories to the hair! 

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