6 easy ways to avoid Mona Lisa's makeup mistakes!

I have NEVER understood people who consider the Mona Lisa beautiful or her smile alluring.  I’m no art critic, and our friend Leonardo da Vinci may have painted a masterpiece, but that doesn’t make Ms. Lisa a beauty. Far from it!

I agree with those who claim that the Mona Lisa is really a portrait of da Vinci himself.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  Just take a good look at her; she has a receding hairline, no eye brows, small lips and manly jowls.  And don’t let me get started on her split ends!

So how can we avoid making Ms. Lisa’s beauty mistakesEasy! Just follow these steps: 

1.   Hair and forehead
Ms. Lisa’s problems: receding hairline and split ends

Solution: If you have a receding hairline or a very high forehead, consider bangs to conceal the problem.  A definite no-no is wearing a too tight, combed back hairstyle that makes the hairline even more obvious and further weakens the line of hair surrounding your face.  As to the split ends: trim your hair regularly!  Even if you want to grow your hair, you must still trim the ends to keep your hair looking healthy!

2.   Eyebrows
Ms. Lisa’s problems: no eyebrows

Solution: I have said this again and again: eyebrows frame your face – you NEED them.  Never over-tweeze.  Stop tweezing today and allow your brows to grow out; see my articles for full details. If your brows do not grow back or growth is sparse, you can camouflage the bare areas with shadow and pencil or consider permanent makeup. 

3.   Eyes
Ms. Lisa’s problems: deep set eyes, as well as pronounced bags under her eyes.

Solution: Ms. L’s problems are interesting – the skin directly under the brow bone is light, the skin in the fold over the eyelid is very dark and the eye lid is light.  This makes the eye lid area appear very sunken and the skin above to droop.  To begin with create a one-color uniform look for the entire eye area, this is achieved by applying a foundation/base that is a shade lighter than your regular foundation/base for your face.  Then apply light shades of your favorite eye makeup palette  – especially around the area of the crease.  Rule of thumb: light shades make an area look larger and more prominent, while dark shades make an area look smaller and more sunken.

4.   Cheeks and jowls
Ms. Lisa’s problems: square cheek and jowl area, with a prominent jaw bone

Solution: Make sure your base is applied evenly and stay away from dark colors.  While there are “heavy makeup sculpturing” solutions; the easiest solution is to highlight the cheeks (thus taking attention away from the problem areas) by gently applying blush – with a wide brush - from the apples of the cheek and to the ear in a horizontal sweep.  Apply warm pinks or bronze colors.  Always begin with a gentle blush application and if needed,add more blush sparingly – it is always easier to add than remove blush!

5.   Lips
Ms. Lisa’s problems: thin and lifeless

Solution: When applying foundation/base to your face, make sure to apply a light layer to your lip area.  Using a lip pencil, in a neutral shade (for your skin color), draw a line following the natural shape of your lips, all the way up to the corners of your lips. Fill in with a soft lipstick that adds a softness to this area and in a shade that complements your makeup.  You can add shine and/or a deeper color for an evening look.

6.   Almost-double chin and neck
Ms. Lisa’s problems: a hint of a double chin and dark neck area.

Solution: Apply your foundation/base in a shade that is slightly lighter than the base on your face to keep this area from looking too dark and therefore fatter and wider.  Keep the look clean – but there should be no demarcation between the face and the neck or you will look like you are wearing a mask.

Avoid Ms. L’s mistakes – Keep your look light and simple!  Be happy that you don't live during da Vinci’s time and that you can simply delete the photos you are not happy with!   
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