Getting Married? Think out of the shoe box!

Who said that wedding shoes must always match the dress? White or off-white or cream?  With a white dress and veil, think about brightly colored shoes to add an incredible POP(!) of color.  

From screaming red to jewel colors and from classic high, high heels to sandal foot jewelry, take a gander at these tootsies and find the best pair (or several pairs) of shoes for your wedding in the following link.

Get inspiration from this great selection on pinterest!

Just remember, unless you were born wearing a pair of stilettos, always bring a second pair of super comfortable shoes for the dancing.  Think ballet slippers.  Etsy has some great choices in kitten heels and ballet slippers.

While we're on the topic of shoes, don't forget to "break in" your shoes before the big day!  My favorite method is to wear a pair of new, soft white socks with your new shoes and then walk around your home, as well as walk up and down a flight of stairs everyday until the wedding.  Add five minutes to your walking time each day.  The socks will protect your tootsies and heels from chafing and help stretch your shoes just a touch more. 

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  1. Shoes, shoes, shoes, have seen thousands across the spectrum of the rainbow...our caution the terrain of the ceremony and reception site. If outside, watch those heels!!!